My Nintendo 64 Is Awesome

It can glow, it is awesome, and one can look through it how it works. It's a purple version from the past, I still play my stuff on it, except ocarina of time... my father was kinda crazy so he took my stuff and ruined it...
I love the one I got from my aunt though (she kept it in her place, so it is still functional and awesome). It is sweet. >.<
I freaking own a ******* nintendo 64
Barlong Barlong
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1 Response Feb 16, 2013

Yes. Yes it is awesome. And so are you for saying it. Well done sir, I salute you.

Yeah I know. &gt;.&lt; Wait... Sir? :O

Madame? I didn't look at your profile and you have an amusingly ambiguous character name. If you are a woman I apologise for empeaching your honour ; )



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