I Got My Ps3

Recently I got a ps 3 as a present, love video games and watching movies on blu ray. And now my bf comes by more often. I wonder why?
jessma94 jessma94
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wouldn't be playin no video games if it was me.....please add

You rock! Wish my girl liked video games so we can share some of that excitement as well. :)

Did your bra size recently increase? I couldn't imagine it would be for any other reason...

well if i was your bf i would be coming over to see you babelol

Keep it up

You should tell th bf that he needs to spend more time playing with you and not video game...lol

Ha ha I've got a ps4

PS3 is awesome.. may be a subconscious thing! LOL.. Actually should come over just for you.. PS3 or not. Would not make a difference to me.

I know if I was your bf I'd be ******* over to play with you, **** the video games as I can play them anytime. Me I enjoy Black Ops and Ghost is ok, but I'm sure holding your controller and you playing with my joy stick would bring us a whole lot more pleasure and there be a lot more satifying action.

because your pretty ? :-)

let me suggest you some games- Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, Vice City, Liberty City, Grand Theft Auto 3, 4, and 5

Men love video games and I play modern war fair

most of the men like sex games to my knowlege

I love both

Good for you. Do you have The Last of Us?


your Bf for sure has some games up his mind to play with you

What games did you get with it?

Your P - S - 3
brings all the boys to the yard~

...in a Kelis type voice lol

hmmmm for sure he wanted to see you more in everyway angle of your games....

A cute girl, who likes video games and even owns a ps3, can it get much better?

Hi Jessma thanks for adding me. I don't have a ps3 can I play with yours hehe x

Answer to why? He wants to have more play time :)

it is nice to know their are people who like and own a ps3 i all so own a ps3 i like rpg games

if a man wants to teach you how to play a game it means two things: <br />
1. He feels that you are the most important person in his life.<br />
2. He needs a healer.

No, never heard of that one.

sports, like soccer and the one with missions and weapons.

Good for u :-) <br />
Wat type of games u like? Any fav one?