Max And Sophie

Max and Sophie are 5 & 6 years old. I got Max just before my husband pasted away, he bought him for me as my therapy dog. Max was born in May and Hank passed in March. Got Sophie when I had Max at a pet show in the city park. Max's old owner had to give up her pugs and had Sophie, same mother and father, born a year later. I got them in Arkansas but now live in Joliet, IL, though that is about to end. Live with daughter and she and family are moving to NY. No am not going, don't think pugs would handle that even is possible. At this point don't know what will do.

We belong to 2 pug meet up groups in area, am assistant to one. Pugs love to go. This winter has been hard on them, am looking to head south, Son in Nashville, TN. Maybe looking for persons to chat with in that area.

pugmom72768 pugmom72768
66-70, F
Feb 26, 2010