I own a red/white blue eyes siberian huskey name Icee Bleu i got him for my daughter 6 yr bday this yr in may he was 6 weeks old he is now 3months very adorable and playful..i am still reading about him i just discovered what Blow coating is and i ran over to Petsmart to get a deshedder and amazing he actually had old hair under his coat although i been brushing him but i guess i been doing it wrong caz i had a nice size cotton ball of fur that was lifted from the deshedder he look a ton better also.
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Good Luck with your new husky baby!<br />
For the first year and a half, I brushed Kodiak almost daily. He didn't have a full blow of his coat until this Spring, after turning 2. <br />
This Summer, he's shedding really badly, having to do a full grooming every month, brushing him, trimming his toenails, trimming the hair between the pads on his feet. <br />
I'm sure his Fall blow is going to be bad, as I'm getting a grocery bag of furry fluff off of him weekly right now. <br />
If it would be helpful to you, I have a web blog called "Nothing Butt Huskies" that offers information about grooming, training, feeding, etc. I posted it so other new husky owners would have a guide, provided by someone who also owns a husky. (I've had three in my life time)<br />
You can find it at http://nothingbutthuskies.wordpress.com<br />
I hope it can be helpful :)