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I have put a deposite down on a siberian husky puppy, but after reading iformation iam having second thoughts, e,g not good with cats and will run away once let off lead!
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3 Responses Sep 17, 2012

I have a cat and my husky is fine with him! They actually play together!

It's really in how you raise them. Huskies I fostered could never be trusted off the leash or with cats, but I have friends with huskies who they raised as puppies and are fine. They vary from dog to dog, but these warnings are essentially letting future owners beware these are tendencies prevalent in the breed. The husky I have now is a rescue, plays with cats, (but not dogs) and after almost three years of consistent training I can let her off the leash for short periods. She does not regard traffic, and they will never 'listen' as a border collie or lab does. Consider them a cat in a dog's body.

NOT entirely TRUE!! My Sibe's name is OZ and he is 9months old now and we have 2 cats. He is a VERY playful animal. He chases our cats around the yard and scares the hell out of them but, he has NEVER HURT OR TOUCHED either one of them, he just loves to run and play... BUT, strange cats, squirrels, rabbits etc. smaller animals, they will go after. As for running away when off the run, thats up to YOU. If you keep ANY dog on a chain, it's almost certain to take off when it has a chance to! HUSKEYS NEED TO RUN!! If not, anxiety sets in and they become destructive! THEY WILL EAT ANYTHING!! LOL. What I did was, from the time he was a pup, I was outside with him EVERY DAY walking, playing with him withOUT a chain/run. Now he knows where he can and cannot go so I can let him run outside in the yard without me. When he comes in, I reward him with a piece of beef jerky (HE LOVES HIS JERKY) and let him know what a good dog he is. But realize it takes ALOT of spending time with him/her to have that trust! Huskeys require more attention than any other dog!! I hope this helps your decision.