Four Miracles

My first husky, Sasha, was black and white. I absolutely adored her, but she passed away when I was four. Two years later, we got another husky, Princess Nikita (Nikki), who was also black and white. She was fantastic and absolutely loved the snow. We were sledding buddies for several years, but she doesn't enjoy being outside so much now  that she's nearly 14. When my parents divorced (I was seven) my dad kept Nikki, and my mom eventually got a white husky that she named Princess. My sister and I wanted to name her Sammy, but my mom bought her as a surprise and on the way home she started calling her "Princess" almost immediately, and we didn't want to confuse her by calling her two different names. Princess turned out to be a very suitable name (Queenie might have been a little more appropriate), however, as nobody can ever pass by her without rubbing her belly. A few months ago we adopted another husky, this time red and white, and we named her Jacey. She's the perfect addition to the family and I think she keeps Princess young. I absolutely love my dogs, and I don't know where I would be without them. They are beautiful in every way, and I love how nonjudgemental they are. They're wonderful after a bad day, and they're the only animals I feel truly comfortable around.

furterae furterae
18-21, F
Mar 1, 2010