Meet Maya.....

i have a husky her name is Maya she will be 2 in August. i made a fan page for husky on facebook and i wanted to put out knowledgeable posts i make a post every day so i started to do some research on huskies and i found out some really cool information about them like there howl can be hears as far as ten miles away (that's 16.09344 kilometers) and one of the other thing that i found out was that the more that we talki to our balls of fur the more they `talk back` the more volaco we are the more they are i found some amazing story's like in 1925, 25 sled teams set out in a great race agents time the save 100`s of life's and they won the traveled over 600 miles in 2 days and a husky is not a impulse buy you need to do your research they need space to run and lots of toys to play with so they wont get Bord (i knew that be for hand she chewed up my cell phone and my charger and many many many other things that brat )that's her in my pix enjoy your pets and take care of them because they wont be there forever

Rocksand Rocksand
22-25, F
Mar 2, 2010