The Day I Got Nicky

I like spiders... no, I love spiders. I always wanted to own one and today when I woke up, I didn't even think about getting one. Tarantulas are expensive. Besides, I hate insects. So, how am I going to feed a spider?

My son wanted a hamster and of we went to the pet shop. No hamster. He mentioned the exotic pet shop. Hmm,.. the light bulb didn't come on. Off course they won't have hamsters but there we go. And what do they have there? All kinds of tarantulas! The sales man - curse him! - noticed my interest, took a tarantula out and let me hold her. I would say the spider and I "clicked" right there and then. We liked each other instantaneously. He gave me a full background on her and how to feed her without me touching the crickets. She walked all over my hand and arms and even "listened" to me when it was time for me to buy her: she climbed back into her cage when I put my hand in her cage.

Closer to home, when we eventually found hamsters at the 3rd pet shop and bought a cage at the 4th, I took her out and drove with her home, walking with her over my chest. My son was not impressed with me.

Nicky is a Curly Hair tarantula. Quite beautiful and not poisonous. She is also not aggresive. I would love to see what my husband is going to do when is going to meet her tonight... but he knows I like spiders. I don't forsee any problems... just a question of what possessed me to buy a spider. :-)
Alera Alera
36-40, F
Jul 29, 2010