...sounds From The Secret Laboratory...

 I stopped by the local flea market the other day and there it was.

 "Theremin for sale...$90. serious offers only." goodness gracious.

"er,mmmm-I'm seriously interested in that item.It's built from a kit,yeah?"

Yes,I know what a Theremin is (I've wanted one for decades!)
yes,I would love to plug it in for a test drive.
Herb had a power plug,I went over to his shed and swithced it on.
...oooohwrrroooowwwwrrrr...yes! strange noises eminated throughout the parking lot.
I will have this thing...someday...soon(?)
"I dunno,I need to think about this..."
I patted the fat roll of yankee dinero in my front pocket,the fruits of my recent hard labor...
"I'll take $75. and throw in the amplifier and cable..."
awright. done deal.heheh heh.
(the people at nearby flea mkt. booths were very happy indeed to see the thing go.)
so was dude.
so am I!
I'm really happy with the newest addition to my sound arsenal. I'm getting fairly adept at getting weird boops and schwoops out of it,though this model is definitely no frills,certainy no Bob Moog "Big Briar" ...and I'm far from sketching out an actual tune on it,unlike the late great Clara Rockmore,or even Angelo Moore.
It harnesses electricity to spit out ethereal sounds nonetheless,and I'm certain to whooop it up with a wave of mine hands for years to come.
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4 Responses May 14, 2012

yeah,I have a few reverbs and delays I will eventually get around to hooking up.
when I dig up my old envelope filter that ought to be worth trying ...

Lucky! I'd love to try playing one :D

I'm really pleased. I played it in public at a benefit show the other day and it was sooo neat. but my set kind of bombed,it was waaay too experimental for that crowd,I guess.<br />
<br />
I am far from Mr.Page's level of aptitude,but I do have my fun.

That is so cool ! Now you can go "all Jimmy Page" on it ,hee hee.