Ok, She's Not An Idiot

She is a frustratingly intellligent, beautiful creature who can't help that the dog is so gullible. Really, she just can't help herself.
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4 Responses Jun 30, 2010

Women/cats. Men/dogs. Sad but true. Fun though!

LOL<br />
Hey, maybe that's the problem with Kitty, the female kitts are getting old enough to make their powers known and Kitty, being an older gentleman, like me, knows he has such little chance with the beautiful younger kittens - but they have used their powers on him and he is now lost.

Yes as a matter of fact he is! He seems totally enamored with her and does anything she tells him to do. Last night he was at the pond trying to catch his own frogs though I'm sure he would have shared with her.

Is the dog a male? Sounds like it, being gullible to a beautiful, intelligent female. Sounds like me, anyhow.