Batcat lived with us in the late 70s and 80s. He was a big Siamese boy. We also had two smaller Siamese females. We got all three from a lady who raised and sold Siamese cats for profit. She got too sick to care for them and we adopted them from her. My mother was not a cat breeder and soon got the girls neutered. The girls were sisters and kept to themselves. Talking to only and grooming each other. But this story isn't about them. Batcat was not related to them and did not know he was a cat. He really acted more like the dog. The sisters would get him in trouble for their own amusement. They would find a way to tease him and when he retalitated....bam..he got caught. Batcat had a deep voice. And he would TALK. That deep meow that comes from the toes. All day, everyday to whomever was in the room. He would not sleep by the girls, but chose instead to sleep with us humans. Or our terrier.

All cats have personality quirks, but truly...this Siamese, well...he was an idiot cat, but I loved him anyway.
sandnsurf sandnsurf
46-50, F
Jul 13, 2010