I Give Up

I have asked her numerous times to not feed Baxter any more frogs. She just smiles and gets that condescending "you're a stupid monkey" look on her face. Yesterday I was leaving for work and there was a frog lying at the bottom of the stairs. I threw it away before Baxter got to it. This morning I put Baxter on the porch when I left for work and I looked back and she had left one inside his dog house. I am a full grown woman and I have been beaten by a 6lb cat.
RawRedhead RawRedhead
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1 Response Jul 16, 2010

Thank you for your continued cat and dog show. Our empress would never lower herself to do the actual killing, she points out the frog, the snake, the whatever and asks her servants "well, what are you waiting for?". Except for the time the vet had her on some type of medicine. She jumped up on the bed the next morning and glared at us with blood, not hers, on her face. We never found out who she sacrificed for us taking her to the vet. But we got the message, "take me to the vet again and next time, this will be your blood". Cats make such great "pets" :). <br />
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You need your own experience group for your guys. Keep the stories coming.