Idiot Siamese Cat

i own an idiot Siamese cat.  i adore him, but i don't know why.  his name is Yum-Yum.  he has a rotten personality much of the time, and everyone hates him but me.  he has one friend,  a Maine Coon cat named Otis, and Yum-Yum barely tolerates him.

why is Yum-Yum and idiot?  here's why.  i recently inherited 2 more cats.  their owner deeply loved them, but her son was violently allergic to them.  they are really good kitties, well behaved and lovable.  rather than them going to a stranger's home, or to a shelter, i told her i would take them.  i should have consulted Yum-Yum first!  he hates them.  they hate Yum-Yum because he chases them all day.  he's relentless.  Yum-Yum hisses, spits, and growls at them.  at night, he screams throughout my house, echo-ing where ever possible.  he bawls until 4 in the morning for his breakfast, and doesn't quit until he gets it.  he fights with the other cats all night, and then they all scream at once.  it's enough to make my hair stand on end.  if i try to catch him and put him in a room with the door shut, he hollers and then pees on me.  if i don't lock the door, he paws at the handle until the door opens, then the fighting resumes.

other times, he loves me, and only me.  he won't allow the other cats near me if he's curled up next to me.  if i even speak to the other kitties, he comes running.  he sleeps very little at night, and insists on sleeping with me.  once, my husband threw up out of the bedroom.  he returned and peed on my husband's pillow.  what a dumbass.

why do i keep him?  because in spite of his miserable personality, i love him.  i must be a masochist.  also, anyone else who took him would mistreat him because of his orneriness.  or, he would find himself homeless.  i couldn't live with that on my conscience.

so here i am.  doomed to love an idiot cat, who will probably live 20 years. 

i'm such a martyr.

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you are great mom!! lucky yum yum

siamese cats are the best! our momma cat is half siamese. she just chats away all day long. she always gets the last word!

Hahahahahahaha... It's those like Yum Yum that we can never get rid of. They're just that, 'unriddable' :)<br />
<br />
They tug a string in our heart nobody else knows exist, sometimes including ourselves!

That reminds me of old siamese, Oscar. He wouldn't share me with anyone, except my rat (and that was only because she attacked him until he fled). He was also a fighter; so much so we had to keep him locked up inside to give the neighbourhood cats some peace (and so we wouldn't have to pay their vet bills).

I have 2 Siamese, and they are one of a kind. I was getting ready for a trip, like my fourth of the year and it was only March, I was putting my clothes in the suitcase, went to get some more socks, came back up stairs, and the suitcase had been nearly emptied and I had a siamese in it. I pulled her out and started putting things back in and every time I turned my back, she would reach over and pull something out and drop it on the floor. Came back home once, she came walking out of the basement, saw me, let out this cry like she was hurt, jumped up on my chest and started rubbing noses with me. I asked the wife if she had been being mean to my cat, she laughed said Bisset was being mean to all the other cats since I had been gone.<br />
Mike (the male siamese) helps the wife swirl the water in the bath tub. I have never had a siamese who was as you described, even with 3 other cats these guys are still great. Just lucky I guess.<br />
<br />
I ought to quit, I now feel the urge to tell you about the other 3.

Awww, cats warm the heart and soul, a true gift from God to remind us to smile

Whenever a new cat(s) is introduced, the cat of the house usually gets put out, annoyed or downright nasty.<br />
He may get along with the newcomers after a while.<br />
Who know why we love them? My fav animal of all time was a large 20 pound cat who drooled constantly, had chronic dermatitis on his face (nothing cured it), howled half the night most of his life, was never quite civilized etc.<br />
I Loved Him. Enjoy your kitty.

I found this story funny and sweet all at the same time. I am glad that even with his ornery attitude you continue to love and care for him. =)