Big Mike

He is cross eyed, getting kind of fluffy and if you talk to him his head starts rolling around and he falls over, lays there on the ground and starts calling "Come pet me".  He may not be the smartest animal I ever lived with.  We have a box in the front room that the cats took over as soon as it was emptied.  Mike had been in the box before, and he wanted in again, only He was trying to get in a box from the closed end, he was pushing at the end, pawing at it, trying to push his muzzle in, and was pushing it all over the house.  The other cats thought this was very cool and began to form a kitty support circle.  The other 4 were circled around him watching to see what was next, when he stopped pushing, and raised up to take a breath, Gar looked into the box from the other end, and started to step in, Mike saw this, went to that end of the box, put a paw on Gar, Gar backed up, Mike looked, walked in and laid down, he knew there was a way into that box.

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I have a Siamese too. They are very independent thinkers. They are very conceited too. LOL

Yes they are, but, they do have a special place in my heart and always have.

My sisters and myself and my mother, all have liked Siamese cats for years.

My grandparents on my mom's side used to raise them, for me they rank right up there with a dog for a good pet and I think they are easier to train.

Yes, mine used to fetch aluminum foil balls and bring them back to my feet. Or bat a ball around. He is 13 now so he sleeps a lot but he still for some reason likes to lick plastic bags...

Mine likes licking me when he gets in that mood. The bad part, I always break out when he does it. Mine is a little younger, I think he is about 7 or 8 now.

They are comical..

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I'm a dog person but my daughter would love to have a cat or two. We had to get away from owning cats about 12 years ago. I became very allergic and still start itching, sneezing and feeling like I have sharp hair in my nose when I touch a cat and then touch my face. I loved the cats we had they were all beautiful and funny with all kinds of little quirks. One of the Blackjacks we had two at different times we lived on Blackjack Wy near Sacramento, was born feral and lived in the hills above Sacramento. One of the American River College instructors I worked saved the little guy the little guy but was unable to keep him. His bigger cat would not accept the little guy and he was afraid the big cat would hurt him. Black Jack hid in the little space at the head of our bed for a week and a half before he would come out and eat. He didn't meow at first he made bird sounds. A kind of singing meow that sounded nothing like a cat.

We have one now that whistles at the end of his purr

Yep, he's mine, wish I could have gotten a picture of the kitty pile last nigh, had Squeak on my lap, Gar by my side, so Mike (the one in my Avatar) came up, cried, climbed up on my chest, looked me in the eye, and fell over, fully expecting I would catch him before he landed on one of the other cats. It worked, I did and he laid like that until my arm gave out.

Wonderful!<br />
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I adore Siamese; they only let you THINK they are dumb, of course ;-)<br />
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I take it your avatar shows one of your own??

he is, he follows me like a dog outside. Maggie is a really odd one, she will follow me up a ladder.

Me too, had one when I was a kid, been sold on the breed ever since. Should have seen the day Mike got his head caught in the scratch pad. I was impressed by the strength he showed right up to the time he fell over backward.

Ah, I loved this story! My gran used to breed Siamese, and I've always had a soft spot for these crazy, regal cats! xxx X@

Thanks, glad you liked it.

great story :)

Yes they do, and I have to admit, I accept it.

adorable... sounds like my moggy, he flops and rolls over. They do run our lives don't they?

They sure do. He opened the shower on me one day, I was washing my hair so my eyes were closed, our bathroom is carpeted, gee what a mess.

Siamese just love to "help"

ya, he is a goof ball. He helped me change oil once, he tried pawing it. He was not happy with getting his paw washed.

i love it!!