My Crash

I ride an electric moped. I ahve customeized it a few times on my own and gotten it to go everywhere i need to go. School and work, and the local shops. very fun, anyway i was hit by a car last week. i was on the sidewalk and going to cross the street and had the right of way, there were three kids from my school behind me and we all went across the street. this car didnt see that a black and read moped, and three kids were walking the street. everyone else got out of the way quicker, but i got knocked off my ride and very very embarrased. he didnt hit me hard but the story went all across the school by teh end of the day and eveyone think's it is very funny that i got knocked off my electric moped and i didnt get hurt and the bike still works. a few kids say i should ahve pretended to be injured or sue the guy and make a little $$$. I never would ahve thought of it if they ahdent suggested it, but i dont want to screw some 20 year old over because he made a mistake that didnt realy hurt anybody. i heard his car how a long scrape in it from th crash though so i guess he will have to pay for it someway. i was more concerned with getting to school on time anyway than sticking around and trying to get money out of perople. it was 7:42 at the time and school start's for me at 8:00. nice experiance nonetheless

IvanDude IvanDude
18-21, M
Mar 24, 2009