Some Thoughts About the Various Guns I've Shot, and Potential Future Buys....

In the months since taking up target shooting with my trusty .40 Springfield.  I've been trying out all sorts of new guns, I just figured I'd share my experiences with them.

- Glock 23 - The first semi-automatic pistol I ever shot, at the firing range that I normally go to on rental to choose my first gun.  This gun proved to be a hard test to decide at first because it actually felt pretty good to my inexperienced hand, but after a few minutes, it started to feel kind of small to my hands.

- Springfield XD-40 - This got my pick between the 3 semi-auto pistols.  The Springfield was the most comfortable out of the three (Glock 23, XD-40, and S&W M&P), and was the one I was the second most accurate with.  The grip fits my hand like nothing else I've tried save for a 1911 Taurus with a Hogue grip installed, and it is a very very balanced pistol.  Recoil with it is nice and mild and controllable, but you will feel it.  I'm happy with my choice though, as this gun shoots any ammo I've used in it pretty happily without one single jam, and stripping it for proper cleaning is a breeze. I'm very happy with my choice in a first firearm.

- S&W M&P - The grips again were a little small, but it was only a hair less comfortable than the Springfield.  I was quite a bit more accurate with the M&P than the XD off the bat, but the comfort factor is something that can't be changed due to my large hands, so the XD wins out, and now I"m about as good with the XD as I was starting off with the M&P.

- Ruger 10/22 - The ubiquitous rifle that just about everyone has.  It's like the Fender Stratocaster of rifles, cheap, easy to find, accessible, and easy to  customize to your personal choice.  Also, the kickback is not so bad.  Right now I've got my eyes on one with a Tapco stock and a few high cap mags.  I'm considering it for using at the range since .22 is (relatively) cheap to acquire in satisfactory quantities, and with the dwindling amounts of ammunition in stores, I'd rather have something I can get.

- Taurus 1911 in .45acp  - Almost like the Ruger 10/22 of pistols.  Same plusses.  The one I used was a friend's with a Hogue grip on it, and my god is that one of the BEST pistols I've ever shot.  I know that's not saying much me being a relative newb, but that's just the opinion I picked up.  Very easy to be accurate with, and the grip makes it feel like a part of you instead of like you are holding a pistol in your hand.

- Hi-Point 9045 Carbine - Despite all the trashing Hi-Point seems to get for being a low price gun, I'm actually almost considering this or the 9mm 995 to be competitor for which gun gets the "first rifle" category between those or the 10/22.  The 9045 has very little kickback, is very comfortable, and is easy to be accurate with too.  Also, the sights are adjustable, so that means they can be tweaked in, which is something I can appreciate.  The only real things that make me wary is the plastic stock that looks suspiciously like something they would make a water gun out of, and a few of the loose parts I saw on the outside that needed to be tightened at first.  Overall though, I like this one a lot.

- Yugoslavian AK-47 - Ah, the much maligned by weepy-headed gun-haters AK-47, which to me is actually quite a lovely firearm.  It's not the most accurate, and it did ruin it's first impressions by jamming up badly on the 4th round (due to the fact the owner doused it in oil as we discovered), but it's fun to shoot, and really has a case of it's bark being worse than it's bite when it comes to recoil.  Another one I would put on the "to get" list soon as a fun range gun and home defense weapon.   I would prefer a wooden stock to the folding tacticial that was on the one I tried out, but that's just my preference.

- Mossberg 500 - The Mossberg is the 2nd shotgun I ever shot.  I can't even identify the first, but I think it was a Remington that had recoil from hell.  The Mossberg is the gun that pretty well got me quite well acquainted with the pump action shotty.  I remember trying this out on a hot summer day with some friends out in the woods with some old metal electronics chassis for targets.  The fun thing about Shotguns in that kind of situation is that they can make targets really reactive.  I now have a PC case in my stack of "souviners" that looks like a sieve from the steel shot I tried out (which was probably the most fun bruise I ever got, the case flew 3 feet when the steel shot it it).  Shotguns are not my favorite, but I must say the 500 feels like a better weapon to me than the supposed Remington I tried years ago.

Some people wonder why I chose to own a gun.  The first and foremost is because I enjoy target shooting.  From the time I started playing Duck Hunt on the Nintendo as a kid, to the time I first shot my in-law's pistol at the outdoor range and blew up some clay pigeons with it, I just find the challenge of hitting the bullseye and perfecting my hand eye coordination fun.  

Next up, and much more important, is personal defense.  I'll admit, I have a lot going for me without firepower in this area, but it takes one adventureous troublemaker to cause a problem.  Being as society is full of people who will kill, rape, or mean harm, It's a good feeling knowing that I possess the power to keep me and those I care about safe from harm if the need arises.  Also, my lifestyle has a lot to do with it as well, I work late a lot, and have to do things at a late hour such as go grocery shopping, and at that hour, you never know who's lurking in the shadows.  Better to be safe than sorry.

And lastly, anything mechanical can easily become an interest of mine.  Guns were a growing curiosity because it just seemed so interesting to me that a little gunpowder, a little metal, and maybe a little wood, can produce a powerful force.  The understanding of the machine I'm holding in my hand gives me more respect for the machine and who created it, as well as realize it's full potential.  Also, some guns are literal works of art beit by how they work or the artwork (engraving, custom grips, color choices, etc...) put into them, and I'm all for appreciating a fine piece of art weather it's something as non functional as a ceramic bust of a female model or something as complex as a semi-automatic rifle with gold plated barrel and rosewood stock.

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1 Response Feb 26, 2009

Very thorough post. Nice firearms. I've had my eye on a Beretta Px4 Storm in .40 SW for a few months.