The Energy Of Stones And Crystals

Since childhood i loved rocks and minerals, collected every pretty stone i found. I could sit at the river and stare upon the shore, looking through all the ones that washed up till one...caught my eye, and i pocketed it too. *smile* Around my home now is the most beautiful rock garden any person could look at! No lie! I have panned for gold and silver, i have mined for diamonds, and on a Christmas day, i climb a mountain only to gather Crystals.

Being a rockhound and in my Craft, i have learned what each stone can do.... the power and usage. I have a variety of stones/crystals that i wear, so they can be close. It is according to what i am in need of, at the moment.

If i need some boost with my health, i wear an Agate or Amber. There are more but these two are my favorite for such. If i am in need of spiritual cleansing or protection, i wear an Amethyst or maybe a Jade. There are so many Crystals, there is Quartz, Blue, Rose, Smoky and Rock Crystals for different power/usage. My all time favorite stone is a Tiger Eye, it builds my self-confidence and protects me from harmful will of others. The list goes on. I change often too. *smile* You know how life can change.

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I love crystals and rocks too. They have changed my life, for the better. I am, and always will be, indebted to them for the rest of my life ^^

I am wearing these days as my pendant, a pure crystal white heart.

many years ago, my wife and I were at a garage sale and there was a table of amber, goblets, ashtrays plates etc...the way they were arranged made some of it taller than me. I became mesmerized, the sun shining thru all that amber directly onto me, it was like an amber shower that woke something in me up. I now have about 18 assorted pieces of my own, a few tigers eye, various quartz, a small tanzinite chip I carry everywhere and my newest find is the most ugly string of raw citrine you ever saw, and all I wanted was a little pendant to wear LOL

yes, i get mesmerized myself just looking at my stones. i get them out and ..just look at them lol.. my love for stones and crystals goes back to my childhood. i have shelves of aritfacts to my stones of many colors. thanks for stopping by and you have a great day!

Lord have mercy!!!! i am jealous! wow.... that is amazing. Yes, i Love Rocks. If Mother Nature makes it, i love it the best!

I too have a love of rocks. I have many that are raw, which I mean they have not been tumbled, or cleaned with acid. I have a smoky quarts that weighs about 4 pounds, amethyst that is 3 pounds, kunzite, aquamarine, jade, and the list goes on and on. I have them all over my house. One day I will get some sulfuric acid and clean the rock away from them and let them shine. Some of them look like sugary candy.... <br />
<br />
They are awesome.

Hi! Thank you. I have stones and crystals sitting through out my home. <br />
yup, the true joy of all my stones are finding them! The hunt is the magic of it all! *smile* Blessings to you too my friend.

Hi dear friend.I can imagine how lovely the stones are and the serenity sitting by the riverside.I love crystals and i have 2 big Amethyst like a cave given to me by my friend.I have a Tiger eye ring too.Thanks for sharing and Blessings.