I Do Own Healing Crystals With An Experience to Share

i have several crystals i have worked with over the years. but i have one particular crystal that i wanted to try its full potential.  this was basically just an experiment. but the energy stored in this crystal is spectacular.
the subject i was testing the crystal on is a quadraplegic.  i placed the crystal in my hand and put my hands on her feet.  i spoke to her, and told her to look into my eyes and when i tell you too,  close your eyes.
she soon closed her eyes,  and for the first time in 4 years she actually felt vibrations going through her legs.  she told me being a christian,  she felt like god had spiritually moved through her legs and into your soul.

it was a moving experience for the both of us.
i believe 100% in crystal energy

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6 Responses Feb 14, 2008

you gotta watch out with some<br />
i have a yellow quartz<br />
that will light you up.....<br />
its a tiny little thing too

I would love to learn how to work with crystals, and learning about their healing powers.

i'm starting to work with mine more and more

me two! I'll share a story.

I have crystals also i do not go anywhere without them.

that's amazing..