Cleansing and Programming

A friend asked me to post a story on cleansing and programming crystals. I'm going to do my best and hope this all makes sense.

There are so many methods, I'm going to stick with what I like to call the all purpose methods.  These work for any type of crystal regardless of color or delicacy.

  • using a sage stick is a great method.  sage clears anything and everything
  • you can also use plain old tap water. run cool (not hot, cold, or warm) water over the crystal.  if the crystal has a point, always point it down so the negative energy goes down the drain.  this isn't my favorite way of cleansing, but it's great if you need to get it done in a pinch. 
  • placing them in soil is perfect., either in a houseplant or outside. soil is nature's best cleanser
  • reiki is another method
  • you can also hold the crystal in your hand and "see" the negative energy and all energy that doesn't serve the highest good of both you and the crystal float down to mother earth where it will be cleansed and turned to pure white light
  • amethyst clears all crystals too.  place your crystal on amethyst points and let it sit there for a few days. the crystal gets a cleansing and a break all at once.

People have different thoughts and ideas about cleansing their crystals.  I personally prefer to cleanse them as soon as I purchase it.  Other people prefer the crystal to hold onto the energy of all the people who have touched it before them.

I don't mix the crystals that I use for healing others with my personal crystals.  I cleanse my healing crystals after each use.  I don't want one person's energy to transfer to that of another.

Now, as far as programming goes, my preferred method is through meditation.  I hold the crystal in both my hands and try to "put" myself inside it.  I look at it from all angles, noticing the intricacies, how it feels.  Is it hot to the touch, cold?  I fully imagine myself in there.  Then, I ask what job it came here to do.  Just wait and listen, you'll get your answer.  Sometimes in words, other times in images.

The final step to programming is intent.  While still holding the crystal, I close my eyes and set my intent.  If the crystal came to me to help me learn self love, then that is the intention I set.

You only need to program a crystal once.  Cleansing is another story.  When a crystal needs to be cleansed, it will lose it's luster.  Use any of the methods mentioned above and you'll be fine.

Another thing I should mention is about crystals getting lost.  If a crystal is lost, but you find it again, in a day, a week, or even a month, it needed to rest.  It's as simple as that--think of it as a crystal vacation   LOL

If you lose a crystal and never find it again, it's because it's done with you.  It has helped you all it can and now it's time to move on.

Believe me, I know that there are so many other ways to cleanse and program crystals, so please if I didn't state your preferred method, do so here.  We all want and need to learn from one another.

If there is one thing that I have figured out, it's if one method resonates with me, it may not with you and vice versa.


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Thank you Datura. <br />
I didn't realize that reiki could be used to program the crystals too.<br />
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See, I knew it was you should have been here. LOL

Hey, IWM-- you're doing a great job! The only thing I could add to the cleansing info is that sea salt can also be used.<br />
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And reiki can also be used to program the crystals.<br />
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IWM, you obviously have a love and affinity and knowledge of working with crystals.You are awesome! Your love of them truly shows in your words and your beautiful energy.

Thanks, I've read a lot about the subject and am quite passionate about it. <br />
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I don't know anywhere near enough, but I get by pretty well

awesome information!!

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seriously, thanks for saying that. this is my passion and something that i feel i don't know anywhere near enough about. so i honestly appreciate the compliements.<br />
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Datura should be over here teaching this class LOL

Thanks guys.<br />
Morningstar knows I was a bit hesitant to post, but I'm glad I did now.

Very good advice! Thank you!

you did an amazing job here. thank you for sharing

Wow thanks for all of this great information iwantmore...I just bought mine and am waiting for them to be delivered. I am going to print this up. When mine come in I will let you know. :) Thanks for sharing hugs