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Zoisite and Ruby

Activates the crown chakra. Alters consciousness to access soul memory and spiritual learning. Promotes individuality while maintaining interconnectedness with the rest of humanity. Very helpful in soul healing and past-life work. Amplifies the body’s biomagnetic field.

I believe the Zoisite & Ruby are the lastest crystals to have chosen me.  I'm doing a lot of work on healing my soul and I'm learning to embrace my individuality.



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3 Responses Mar 30, 2008

iwantmore....crystals are dear to my heart also.

the picture i posted is a great example of it. i have quite a few books on healing crystals, but today these found me again.<br />
<br />
i subscribe to a newsletter for a local "new age" (i hate that phrase) store. this is the stone of the month.<br />
<br />
I also commented on Raewings story about selenite.

thank you for my healing crystal class today. ;)<br />
i have never seen a Zoisite before, but i looked up the stone on Ebay,,, it has ruby crystals inside of it..... it is a beautiful stone.. what i would love to know how you ran acrossed it?