I Own My Home.

My husband and I just bought our first house. It's an older style house. Built in the early 80's. It has a huge deck, with a huge yard. Enough for our dog to play around in. The previous owners loved to garden. Our garden is so huge and green, with three 6 x 8 ft garden plots. There are a few trees, both front and back.

The inside, needs some updating. Each room seems to have it's own style, and color which I am not to particular off but that can be easily fixed.

The kitchen needs to be updated. Right now, there's white tile for the counter tops, which is starting to leak, in spots. The faux brick is a little much for my liking. The lino is starting to get old and dirty, scratched and just starting to separate. The ceiling is one I love. It has cedar almost like siding. Very nice just have to incorporate that into the new scheme.

The bathroom needs some work too. The ceiling has that cedar siding on the ceiling, and some of the walls. I do love that look but they also have a floral print wall paper which is hideous. The sink and counter top needs to be badly updated. Though the tub and toilet are new.

The rest of the house has the original wood flooring, though it needs to be re-sanded and varnished and some of the nails are coming back up.

The master bedroom had some awful floral wall paper which needs to come down as soon as possible.

The office has some salmon color, once again, hideous, though all the stuff on the walls, and you can't see the color at all.

The hallway. Yep, another hideous color. Pale yellow, and was not painted properly. You can see where they used the brush for the ceiling corners, and the wall corners. Whom ever did the painting, needed to learn how first. So that will be changed soon too.

Other than the obvious, the house is in perfect shape. Once we make it, our house, I want to live there for a very long time!
eastsideswoman eastsideswoman
31-35, F
May 10, 2011