Lol Omg

magic the gathering cards  lol   i have over 2500  and i want to sell them haha


i have many works by van gogh

model cars

i had (until recently) every video game system  (even handheld)    from colecovision to x box 360   *with the exception of sega nomad   and nintendo virtual boy  =(  still want those so bad


i had a nice collection of track jackets lol....

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4 Responses Dec 29, 2008

no way jorge.......i failed to mention i used to collect pokemon card and i even was in the official trading card league and battled for badges.

I'm a nerd. :)

lol sweet!

I have a load of The Lord of the Rings trading card game cards, I stopped collecting because it's soo expensive, but I still think they're cool. :)