I Had Pointless Collections

I have been a collector. I enjoy collecting.....but some have been totally pointless. I see that now.

What did I have.....

Claudia Schiffer cuttings from newspapers and magazines, calendars, posters etc. I used to think she was so beautiful and amazing. I had over 5000 pictures of her. I still have actually, they are stored in the loft. When I think how much all the magazines cost I feel pretty sick now.

Football team mugs. I got them whenever I travelled round Europe. Why? No idea.

Plastic bags. Carrier bags with logos and things - from football clubs, theme parks, hotels. What a waste.

Aircraft sick bags. I laugh now!


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4 Responses Mar 16, 2009

i think everyone collects something!

I tend to get tactical/military style knives. They range from a Japanese sword that’s 400 years old worth a lot to one of my first a BRITISH COMMANDO DAGGER made by WILLIAM RODGERS SHEFFIELD, ENGLAND. I think I got that for $10 when I was ~12…DD

Speaking of pointless...I collect knives. Mmmm...DD

Wow! I used to collect automobile rear light lenses! And rocks, I still collect them from the river nearby. Why! Hell, I have no idea!