Greatest Invention

I remember when I got my Walkman for Christmas. It was the original Sony Walkman, just before they came out with the Walkman 2, which was much smaller. I thought it was the greatest invention ever made. Now I could listen to music wherever I was: on the schoolbus, between classes, at the dinner table...

I spent hours copying all of my albums onto cassette tape. Back in those days the high quality blank cassette tapes were almost as expensive as the vinyl LPs, but I didn't care. The high quality cassettes sounded great in the Walkman.

I remember listening to Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Rush in the Walkman. I was already a huge fan of those bands but somehow the Walkman made them sound even better. As soon I put the headphones on and pressed play, it was like the whole world was tuned out and the only thing that mattered was the music. All those teenage problems just drifted away...

MagnusRobotFighter MagnusRobotFighter
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3 Responses Feb 12, 2013

I remember my 1st little hand held radio. back then only had AM stations. lol

Hard to believe it was 30 years ago...

Bleh! don't remind me! You know the 80's music is considered "oldies" now...first time I heard that I said "What?? That's not the oldies!" lol

Ahhh...the 80's ;-)