My 2nd Car Purchase

I bought my second car in 2004. I had been working for three years straight, traveling from job site to job site, usually putting in 60 hour work weeks. Since I lived on the site for months a time, I moved all my stuff into storage and only paid $60 a month. My only bills were my phone and any luxuries. Well since I was usually in remote places, there was not alot to spend on. So here I am working my butt off and when our project was over, I stayed at a friends place while I found a new apartment and realized that I had all this money and nothing to spend it on.

Well I head to a bmw dealership and start looking around. And what do I see. A beautiful silver M5. So I wait for a salesman to approach me but no one ever does. I head inside the showroom and no one bothers to ask me if I need help. Its not like they were busy. I approach one guy and ask him if he could show me the car, but he replies that he is busy. I said alright to him and watched him head off to his desk to do nothing. I guess they didnt think I could "afford" a BMW. So here I am looking an idiot, so I say screw this place. Well right next door was a Chevrolet dealership and they had a beautiful white Z06. 60 minutes later I end up walking out the door with the keys to my new vette and I see the same salesguy who blew me off just walking around the parking lot. I wave to him with a big smile on my face.

The expression on his face was priceless.

Silver01ta Silver01ta
36-40, M
Mar 18, 2008