Since 2005, Figo left Real Madrid has been a Real Madrid player did not really take on the task 10. But if the next season Ozil, who took over from the No. 10 jersey Las words, this situation will change.In an interview with Spain a few days ago, "Aspen" interview, the French midfielder Russ said he is willing to Real Madrid next Football Shirt season will give Ozil No. 10 jersey. In fact, in the winter transfer period, the Real Madrid to try to get Ozil to wear 10, but the league does not allow the Commission's charter and change the way the players jersey number. Once the next season Ozil to wear jersey No. 10, Luis Figo, Real Madrid fans will be ushered in after the number 10 shirt, a true master.
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Since Figo left Real Madrid since 2005, both the Brazilian Robinho, or the Dutch midfielder Wesley Sneijder, and the current Las, can not shoulder the important task of Real Madrid 10. No. 10 football is a number of special la liga kits significance, it means as much talent and excellent organizational skills, can play a decisive role for the team. Robinho and Sneijder have the ability to do that, but for various reasons did not succeed.
In 2005, staring at the "successor to Pele," the title of Real Madrid signing Robinho, who is also the first after the departure of Luis Figo from Real Madrid number 10 shirt wearing people. During his Real Madrid, Real Madrid won the league title twice, but he finally in 2008 to a less honorable way to leave Real Madrid, Manchester City switch to the Premiership. In Manchester City, Robinho has not been successful, he is currently in Serie A AC Milan to find their own place.
Sneijder's situation is even more real Madrid shirts regrettable. And Ozil, as the Dutch came to Real Madrid in the No. 23 jersey after the first wearing, and in the first season it all themselves, goals that season was second most of his career. Second season, Sneijder to wear jersey No. 10. It is puzzling is that after the replacement of number Sneijder different person, has not found the first season in good condition. Later, he was sold to Real Madrid to Inter Milan. In 2010, Wesley Sneijder to help Inter Milan won the "triple crown."
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Germany coach Joachim Low has also talked about the Ozil in progress, he said Ozil and Hedi La Real Madrid to play in their development is very good. "We went to Madrid, watched the game between Real Madrid Ronaldo Shirt and Lyon. Real Madrid coach after the game we talk to two of his very satisfied with the performance of German players. It is clear progress in both of them, good for them to join Real Madrid." Lufkin said. Loew believes that the greatest progress Ozil the ball in the area. He said: "Ozil state where the ball has been a top player before the ball is his weakness, but now he has made great progress in this area."
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