Life Lessons

i grew up in a rough neighborhood with people who where a little unsavoury so i quickly turned to gangs for acceptence by the age of 11 i was selling weed for a few of my fathers friends at age 12 i was involved in a stabbing which was the result of someone very close to me their life in a shooting weeks befor then after i was "cleard of all charges" the victims older brother cought up to me and broke both my knees with a baseball bat i was told by the doctors i may never walk again but i did the therapy and it took a couple years but i got back up on my feet by this time i was ready for revenge i bought a 357 magnum off an associate of mine only to find he was killed in a gang shooting two months before i got out of the chair i was relieved but upset at the same time so by the time i turned 16 i had a real problem with some bad people got stabbed three times after that i was involved in a shooting and went away for two years when i got out i was 18 and i started selling weed, crack, cocaine and extacy i did that until the day my best friend got shot by some cracked out junkie then i started using and ****** up everything by the time i turned 21 i decided it was time for a change now im 22 sober from crack cocaine and extacy for a yr and counting have a full time job and am no longer in trouble with the law .. just goes to show you anything is possible
kushkommander kushkommander
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Wow what a story I am glad you are on my side :)