Just When I Think It's Gonna Be Ok.

Here I am feeling confident and glad that I can finally get off that cash advance roller coaster that I put myself on when I let that ungrateful son of mine back into my home in November 2010. I got caught up with everything last month and this month is the LAST month that I needed to get money from the bank. Then out of the blue the rent gets raised. I say okay no problem I have no choice but to deal with it and it'd be more expensive to move. Then I get double charges on electricity and phone and I say no problem I owe I'll pay. Even after these two events I'm still alright money wise and I can still do without an advance. I check my deposits and BOOM just like that I'm in crapville again because somehow I'm missing almost $200 from my account. I don't owe anyone and I haven't gotten any kind of a notice from anyone telling me that there would be an electronic charge against me. It's a federal agency so it's GOT to be a federal or sanctioned agency that accessed my account. The ONLY thing I can think of is my sons having forfeited on his school loans because when he was staying with me I was told since he was under 25 I had to be the one to get him into college and I asked that woman if he should not pay his loan back would I be held responsible and she told me no. If this is what it is I'm gonna raise all kinds of hell about it and get it stopped. I put him out of my house in April 2011 anyway. I'll call when they open at 0700 to find out wth this is about and get my money back. Meanwhile I am going to need to get a cash advance again and I HATE it.
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Nov 29, 2012