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Practice Makes Perfect.....

But it does take a lot of practice. So I need to polish my toe nails more often. With that in mind I got home from work today, took off my pale pink polish, took a shower and just polished my toe nails. Well really I polished my finger nails too but just with a clear top coat. On my toes I used Sheer Blossom which has a nice soft pink tone to it. After 2 coats of Sheer Blossom I used a shinny clear polish as a top coat. If I must say so myself they really look good. I guess I'm getting the hang of this. 
JamieLynn58 JamieLynn58 56-60 1 Response Apr 6, 2012

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I love your attitude and effort.

Well thank you very much! This weekend I'm home all alone so I decided to polish my fingernails to match my toe nail. I read somewhere that polishing your toes is easier but I would like to dissagree. I still need practice on both fingers and toes but I found it easier to polish my finger nails. And by the way, if I must say so myself, they look darn good too.