All The Time

toes are such fascinatig things
and with the choice of colours you can do them diffeent everyday
love to slip my shoes off at wor under the desk and wonder of i am being observed
come on guys you know you love them
christinemelody christinemelody
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4 Responses Jul 14, 2012

A great way to add color to otherwise dull boring men's cloths. I have tried a wide variety of colors, and all look great in sandals or flip flops. A great conversation starter with women, most seem to like the fact that you care about the appearance of your feet.

not been so open but will try it

My wife & I have a salon mani & pedi about every 6 weeks. I love the entire treatment, especially as my girl puts the polish on my toe and fingernails. I've been using Sally Hansen bold buff which is a very nice shade without being "in your face."

love to paint my toes and use all sorts of great colors, for fingers it almost has to be pink or red

My step had has very pretty toes. She goes for pedicures all the time. I went once,<br />
thinking they would narrow the thickness of my nails, but.......however, it did feel good<br />
If my toes were pretty shaped, they would be painted all the time too