La Piedra

I paint. Yes, I do. On rocks. Recently, I took up the hobby of collecting rocks and using them as my canvas for my artwork. I love the feeling I get while I paint on a smooth, greyish rock with my watercolor based paints and my fine tipped markers. This hobby illustrates the steadiness of my hand.

What I like to do is go to the beach on a beautiful, sunny day. I like to let myself get inspired by the smell of the hot sand and the sight of the glimmering water as I trail down to the pile of rocks that deposits itself near the cliffs of my University. I walk around and gaze at all the rocks before me. There are jagged ones, with black, shiny features. There are also smooth ones with little imperfections, if any at all. I sometimes come across purple rocks, pink rocks, even orange ones that shimmer like a girl going out to Prom Night.

I kneel down and search for the right rock for my project. I don't stop until I find it. I visualize the rock in my head, and see myself grasping it in my hands, making detailed accounts of how the rock will be incorporated into my artwork. Once I've found the rock, I linger around the beach to look for any old, flimsy but pretty rock that I might like to keep around my room. This is just for kicks ;)

Once I've gathered myself from the whole rock-searching process, I head back to my apartment and settle down. I open the blinds, sit by my window, and play a good set of piano sonatas to set me in a peaceful mood. This is where the color comes forward. The art began from the moment I set foot on the beach, but the color steps in at the moment I pick up my paintbrush and begin to put into motion the images I played out in my mind several times. I pay close attention to the details, and once I find that I've finished my rock, I set it out to dry and pick it up to admire it's beauty once it is done.

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18-21, F
Feb 13, 2009