Staring At the Canvas

So many of my afternoons are spent slaving over the computer, working furiously to make more money for the CEO of the soul-sucking corporation that is my employer, while a half-completed, dust-gathering painting calls to me from the corner, "Come play with me - I am your salvation from the mindless grind of the corporate machine." 

None-the-less, to my chagrin, despite it's calls, the mundane noise of daily demands quickly drowns out any hope of ever realizing the fantasy life of living my life creatively through self-expression and fullfillment.

siren1971 siren1971
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7 Responses Oct 15, 2007

All, I can say is , Come Work With Me !<br />
I love what I do.<br />
( and I shall write a story in this section)

I can soooooooooooooo understand this. I'm usually in the same situation. Longing to be in my studio and having to slave for the all mighty buck. Are we terminal idealists or what?

Worse 8am -until working for a Vice President of a large company that thinks he can call me 24/7. I travel on his behalf, speak on his behalf, attend meetings on his behalf and a whole lot more.Third VP I have had in 2 years, this new one has yet to even say Thank You. Ahh the corporate life! This is the best...every morning he says did you read your email last night I didnt have a chance what's going on for us...Ugh!!!!!!!!

worse...8:30 - 5! I have the golden handcuffs dilemna. I'm taking steps to break away and work for myself but i can't just jump. I have to take small steps towards the ultimate dream so that my family doesn't go hungry. I'm having the serious need to do something meaningful.

i think the saddest words in life are "i wish i'd made time for..."

Are you stuck in a 9 to 5 prison, also?

Oh how I empathize!