I love to paintball. Next to my house there's a paintball place thats outdoors. Its perfect. Its supposed to be a real life scenario thing. You get dirty fast. I love it. Best game ever
shantel685 shantel685
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DIRTY ---- aaa Ha ! ;o)

Nice! Paintball is so awesome. I should really do it more. Good prep for the zombie apocalypse too.

Lol yea its fun. Until you got shot on the *** like I did lmao

Ahaha. Well why did you stick it out like that asking to be hit?

No haha It was a stray bullet from another field. I got so many welts that day

Lol I just wear baggy clothes. First time I played I got shot right in the face. Had a mask, but if it was a war I would a been wasted.

I got shot on the top on my head 3 times the first time I paintballed. Hurt like a *****

Owwww. Aren't you a gamer? Shouldn't call of duty make you awesome?

Lol yea I am. Im an ok shot since I actually shoot guns

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