Stay In School

When I was a cashier, I liked to say to children that if they studied hard and stayed in school, someday they too could work for minimum wage bagging groceries for people that matter and every single effing dolt who doesn't, because they will be lower than spit on the sole of a dumbass's shoe.

I actually do love children....deep-fried....with mustard.

TheBren TheBren
22-25, M
1 Response Jun 9, 2007

I don't think that makes you bad for saying that. Those who "hate" children, I think they hate them because they are glaring mementos of what you should have been but have decayed so far past it. Maybe that we envy their chance that they still have. Maybe we fear for them...that someday they will know that the world isn't as great as they thought. But you can still hope. You don't have to grow up. <br />
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Ehhhh. Dammit now I depressed myself.