Noahs Ark

I was dating a young woman when I used to live in Colorado.  She had a baby brother named Noah.  Now I wanted to do something special for him. So i brought up the idea to her mom that I wanted to paint the baby's room.  There was no set rule only it was art in the form of kindness that they gave to me. What better way then to show my appreciation.

So each day I came over I added a little thing or two from Noah's books, kids books and animals. I started off with one wall. Slowly working my way around the objects of the room and moving them when one area was dry. In the end it took me two weeks to do everything top to bottom and even part of the windows. I made it blend into the corner. One corner i used it for a water fall the other corner a blend of bamboo's that went from night to day. I had the durations of what night and day was. To the beach,along the forest and even the Savannah's. with those selected backgrounds i drew in types of animals capable of living in that environment.   It was neat, and you knew who's room that was. You could stand in the middle of the room and as you turned scenes just magically made it to Noah's Ark. It was meant for him. 

No we are not together, so i don't know what they did to that room. But for one moment of that two year olds' life, he had a mural of what his name stood for. I hope he liked it as much fun as I drew on it.

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4 Responses Mar 4, 2009

wnat a wondeful story! I loved reading this. It sounds like you have a lot of talent!

Awwww...... sweet.

That is such a sweet poignant story. How nice of you to do that for that little boy. :-)

That was nice of you to do that for him!! I wish u lived here so u could do my room. haha