If I Could Have One Do-over

i wish i never put my kids in public school. i worry and pray the whole time they are there and can not wait to get them home. if they came to me and said "mom we dont feel safe at school can we please homeschool" , i would be so thrilled!! what does that say about me? i wish my kids hated school?! but they love school and i love them, so we dont go there.. they are in jr high and middle school, both are in honors programs and participate in team activities, and they have an amazing circle of friends. but what will any of that do for them when that one kid decides to get revenge on someone? will they be there? are they nice to everone at school? will it be an adult who snaps because he or she has untreated mental illness? i hug them every day. i tell them "i love you" multiple times during the day. we read the bible each night and still do our prayers together before nite kisses and tuck ins. No one told me that letting my babies go to school would be so frightening! No one really knew then..
7shadow 7shadow
Jan 8, 2013