I Love Pantyhose Not Panties

Although I cross dress, For some reason panties never excited me. The greatest thril (at the age of 50) is pantyhose. Nylon (stockings) are OK but I get such a feminine thrill when I wear Hanes Silk Reflection taupe or beige or suntan or black pantyhose.  My penis is held snuggley and I get a wonderful feeling on my legs as toes as the pantyhose holds me and hugs me. I FEEL SO GIRLY in pantyhose!! I love it.

I would love to hear from other CD's about this.

greg4117 greg4117
46-50, T
2 Responses Mar 20, 2009

I agree with all of you, I too love the feel of pantyhose on my legs and the way it hugs and carresses as i move. I have been a closet CD for years and when I dress PANTYHOSE ARE A MUST!!!! I love how pantyhose and heels make my legs look and accentuate my calves.<br />
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I've always loved wearing stockings or panythose. But, they never really turned me on until I started shaving my legs. Now I keep my legs hairless and wear pantyhose almost everyday. It feels so good, I can't imagine leaving home without them. It is just part of me now. Delicious!