I Am A Panty Sniffer

My moms panties are the first i’ve ever sniffed. I started just taking a quick sniff when she left her panties on the bathroom floor. I’d sneak a sniff every chance I got and would get so hard. I started making excuses to stay home alone so I could take moms panties and jerk off with her dirty smelly gusset over my nose. I would always try to place them back in the hamper exactly as they were when I took them, cause I always thought she would notice if they were moved or it looked like I was going through them. I’ve never came as good as the first time I tried it. Since then I was addicted, I still to this day, sniff panties every chance I get. Lots of women just leave dirty panties in their bathrooms. I’ve sniffed my sisters panties, aunts, cousins, friends wifes, my wifes, wifes sister, wifes mom, wifes friends, everything. I like sniffing and ******* off to panties that belong to people I know. My wife knows I did and still do this in fact she has a bigger panty fetish than me, we often both sniff panties during sex, hers and my favorite is her face down in some dirty panties and me doing her doggy style while she sniffs the panties. Check out our profile for more about us.
pantiescouple pantiescouple
May 9, 2012