Yes To Panties

Like most guys I started PANTYING when I was a teenager. I would find my sisters and wear them, first just around the house, then to school! I would sometimes forget I had Gym class and could not dress for fear of getting caught. This went on for many years. When I got married I hoped I could keep it under control. I did for many years then it just took over again. My wife wondered why some of her slips and panties would seem to bulge when she wore them. She knew I liked rubbing on her panties and gowns but I could not admit to my wearing her THINGS. It finally came out when we were making love and I took off her panties and put them on me. She said those won't fit and I said yes they will I have had them on before. She was quite unhappy and said that she thought that I was turned on by her and not her panties. I admitted that I liked to wear her silky garments and she was even more upset by that. One day she had on a really great pair of Red Victoria Secret Thigh Highs on and I said how great they looked. When she took them off she looked at me and said I could have them but she did not want to hear any thing about what I did with them. I was hoping that would lead to her eventually accepting my dressing and would let me dress with her in bed, but that has not happened. I am setting writing this with one of her tossed out garter belts and panties on. Alas, the red stockings are no longer around ruined by my toe nails. This is hard to write since it is the first time I have put it in print!! Kind of stupid I know. pantiesonhim
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No story where you share your life experiences or feelings is stupid. There are so many people who can relate with this story.