Apparently, nobody is popsting anything on this subject.


Anyone interested in the subject ought to read / Google on PANTILESS IN NYC as well as WHAT'S UP DOWN THERE on the health advantages of "going commando" or "sans."

In essence, especially when anti-biotics are killing off bacteria that help keep yeast under control or at least in balance, yeast infections thrive under warm, moist, unlighted (no sunshine, fresh air, etc.) conditions. Women's sexual organs are shaped like an unside-down cup for a reason, giving germs an uphill challenge & having gravity working in favor of cleansing. To cover up & prevent fresh air is a formula for infections.

Likewise, the best cure for VPL's (visible panty lines) is to go without.

AT any rate, it seems women are fighting against being slaves to fashion & pantiless is either gaining popularity or admitting pantiless is working for freedom of choice in that area. At any rate, it would be good to have better communication on the subject.
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Women dont need to wear or own bras or panties

My wife doesnt own bras or panties

So Sir let me get this right you believe ladies should run around with no drawers to prevent infection. This is how your selling this? ~I am amused

I did like this story

I'm not wearing any! (but really it was because I was too lazy to go upstairs and find a pair...)

Women are sexier without panties or a bra

You dont need to wear panties

The facts of the matter are true!

There needs to be a law that says women cant wear bras or panties

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