I Love To Pee My Pants

I am old for this group, but I have been a pants, diaper, clothes, panties and clothing my whole life. I stared when young mybe 6-7 who knos just little pees and then at times more.

As a adult I contineued and to this day just peed. Idid it today while reading this and working around the house. My wife is gone for three days each week so I have time to indulkge in my **** gamnes. Sometime I get up put on a diaper and wear it until it leaks, depends how much coffee I drink. But I usually go for 3-4 hours before I am a mess. I just love the feeling and I guess I will never stop.

I have also pooped myuself and clothes and wear them until the mess is all over. Some write it is a mess to clean, I just get in the shower and wash off while taking my clothes off, takes some time but for the fun you have doing it it just fine.

I also am into womens panyies and clothes, another story.
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You are never too old to wet yourself, or to talk about it with friends. <br />
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happiness is pee in your pants.

Yeas when I was real young it was rubber, or begining to be the end of rubber. I had some rubber bloomers once, in one of my ourges they left. To bad, could not replace them. But girldes were still around and every women or girl wore them. As plastic came arond at first it was bad tore easy would not work well. To day vinly and plastic and rubber are all over so you got your choice.

Rubber pants have continued and are still available, in fact I'm starting to convert to them. Generally what you see mostly is still plastic but rubber never really went away, which is great!<br />