Kristy's a Pants Wetter!

okay, this was a really emberissing thing for me all through out high school, but the truth is, I eventually grew to like it. Now I wet my pants on purpose a lot and my friends think its still an accident XD


I'll post some stories later, if you guys want. Oh, and if any over you (ladies or otherwise) wanna chat to me about this kinda stuf or anything really, my yahoo is

ciao ~ Kristy

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I like it alot too. I only recently discovered the joy of ******* my pants. You have a lifetime of enjoying this simple pleasure. Have fun and please share your experiences.

It is good to wet your pants. And sexy too. <br />
<br />
Stay wet, Stay happy. <br />
<br />

that's really sexy! please tell us more! what do you like to wear?

No need to be embarrassed. There are a lot of us who like the same thing. There are also a lot of guys, who find the thought of you wetting extremely sexy. Wet sex, can be really fantastic. <br />
<br />
I started wetting at an even younger age than you, and have never stopped. And, I never will. <br />
<br />

I never grew to like it, I've loved it all my life! Just seems to come naturally, so I love to find like minded pee-buddies to share it with ;-P

hey smexy ya id love to chat and hear more storyys hit me up on ep and add me so we can be friends ttys

I always wet my pants on purpose in school, and every other time I had to go. :)