Panty Fetish

Most men have a panty fetish of some sort. Many guys have admitted to sniffing a womans panties and using them to ********** with, many start out with sniffing there moms panties or sisters panties as those are the ones that are easily available to them. Most guys cannot resist a pair of panties laying on the floor, hamper or in a laundry pile. Panties are just something guys have a fascination with. Its about the curiosity of the panties and the scent and yes the forbidden act of sniffing panties. The act of sniffing anyones panties is a turn on, the rush of excitement in finding them, how each woman leaves different levels of scents on there panties and how each woman can smell so different, and the rush of perhaps being caught sniffing them, its all about the taboo of it. Panties are like a magnet, they pull us in whether a woman is wearing them or whether we find them on the floor or in the hamper. Check out our profile for more about us.
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1 Response May 24, 2012

Absolutely...the panty is the final frontier to pleasure. As a woman, I too have it and own over 300 of these...