Ensuring I Have Panty Lines

I always buy my panties a little smaller than I should. I also make sure that if I wear pantyhose they are a little on the small side too. I do this to ensure that I have panty lines. I know that some women like them. Men I know you all like them. I try my hardest to tease other women with my selections of panties and hosiery.
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1 Response Sep 21, 2012

I love the sensual allure of a visible panty line especially when it is appearing through a sexy skirt or silky dress. Panty lines will always fascinate me as i wonder what kind, colour and fabric the particualr panties are that the female is wearing. I much prefer full bottom cover panties with a well rounded sensual panty line. Silky nylon panties with full bottom cover are a classic style of pantie to produce a teasing magnetically irresistibly attracting, panty line. I love your story which struck a cord with me and notably i am thrilled and support you trying your hardest to tease other women with your selections of panties and hosiery. Be assured they will notice your panties and hosiery.

Fabulous. Thankyou Beth for sharing your superb story.