College Poop:)

So today was my first day at college:) I had science class first in the morning at 9:00am and I had Chinese last night:) so I was sitting in my first class and I started getting gassy:) I started letting out silent but smelly farts that made my bum feel warm. Toward the end of class my tummy started to rumble. I let out a fart but I felt that it was going to be a bit wet so I clinched my but cheeks so it would all come out. I farted and only a bit came out into my panties:) it was nice and mushy:) at the end of class I went to the ladies room and event into a stall and took off my skinny jeans and took off my panties:) my panties had a nice stain on the and the watery mushy poop spread all over the inside of my but cheeks:) I still had to poop a lot more:) so I sat on the toilet and let it all out:) I will admit I had diarrhea and I loved it:) I let out slot of gassy farts and I eaves got a bit on the back of the toilet seat. I then used my poop stained panties to wipe my bum:) I threw them away after and just went all the rest of the day without panties:) just got home and felt I had to share this experience:)

Happy pooping guys and girls:)
Pottygirl24 Pottygirl24
18-21, F
Sep 9, 2012