Panty Sniffing

My wifes sister knows about my love for panties. One time we were visiting in their home and I picked up a pair of her panties that I saw on her bed and put them in my pocket. She saw me take them and go to the bathroom. Later she found them back on her bed where I had put them when I finished with them. Upon inspecting them she found them full of ***. I thought I had gotten away with what I had done until later that day when she confronted me. I tried to lie my way out of it but when I knew I had been found out I simply told her that I was very turned on by her and that smelling her panties and wearing her panties was the only way I knew to get a smell of her. Apparently she was also turned on by what I had done. Now my wife's sister supplies me with panties. Not only does she leave her panties out where I can find them, she even gives them to me. Not too long ago I stopped by their house and saw her and her husband. As I left she walked me to my car. I was sitting in the car and my sister-in-law was standing by the open door. Suddenly she handed me a pair of panties that she had wadded up in her hand and said, "Here. I thought you might like to have these. I wore them to bed this afternoon and spent about three hours ************ in them. I came in them so many times I lost count. Check out our profile to find our more about us.
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Nice.i used to sniff my aunts **** smelled panty from the age of 13.i used to lick and wear it and jerk

Nice. If I want to sniff my sister in laws panties it is only by chance if the kids are sleeping in her room and I have to "set up there bed". She is very petite and wears cotton panties. I would love blow in them.

Meband my fiancee are selling used/worn knickers/panties and boxers ect. All requests considered. Please email if you are interested.

SIL? yes they are superb, super-o-some smells!!

I love to sniff panties as I w***


I sniff both my sister in law's dirty panties. Its great to smell two different vaginas. One wears silk panties the smell of her musky ***** and the feel of the silk is great.The other cotton stronger smell and pissy leaving crusty white stains for me to eat off. I have not been caught yet, but the one that has silk seems to make it easy for me to find.

u r really the luckiest guy ever in the world...... great man.... i wish if i will get such support..!!!