Last year in the middle of july, I worked with a friend cleaning this house that these people got kicked out I think because their stuff was still there, well about half. I went to look around when we got there and I checked out the rooms. The was girl that I knew use to live in that house. I knew because I saw her picture. So I looked around and found nothing. Then I was sent to clean the basement and there were like 9 bags full of clothes so I looked through them. I found 10 panties, 6 bras, 1 pair of leggings, and a corset. I put them all in separate places hidden. The bad thing was that my co-worker came downstairs to help me and I was like ****. So when we he went back upstairs I grabbed the panties and put them in a box. The other stuff I put in a backpack and hid in the ceiling. So we were cleaning and he threw the box of panties in the garbage. I was thinking to myself well okay still got some other stuff haha I tried to get them but oh well I didn't. When we were done we left. I tried going back later that night to get the bra's and corset. I didn't have the key so I went back because going through the window wouldn't work. Then weeks went by and my chance came. I found the key and quickly went to the house and got them. Then days later I stole some panties from my friends step-mom. They were tan spandex panties. Another pair from his aunt that were pink lace panties. Then a pair of black ruffled panties from my friends 19 year old sister. Funny thing is that I still have them, I forgot about them and I remembered that they were in this storage closet sooo I'm going to get them sometime this week
Bruhh44 Bruhh44
22-25, M
Aug 17, 2014