Wetting My Wifes Panties

I just love the feel of my wifes cotton panties on me when i pee in them I just get so turned that I cant stop. She hasn't fond out yet I hind them when I'm done and slip them into the laundry when she does it or if I do it. just thinking of it right know I think I wet the pair i have on now

darinth darinth
6 Responses Jan 29, 2009

Me too !!!

Hi, nice story, i love wearing womems panties. they feel so nice.i wish i could find a women to wet with .

I think that a man in pretty panties is so damn sexy. Used to be able to convince my ex husband to wear pretty panties, some of which I bought just for him, under his clothes when we went out. I can't imagine how exciting it would be to find a man that wanted to wear and liked wearing pretty underthings AND wanted to wet himself too. I'd be in paradise.

Too bad I didn't meet u 12 years ago, my wife loves me but hates when I wet my panties. And it has only been about a year since she let me wear panties on a regular occasion

i totally agree. it is incredible sexy and i get wet knowing a bf is wearing my panties. i sometimes pee in them and have him wear them for the day. very sexy

i love wetting panties also and one summer many year ago in collage i was very very bad boy as i was in the dorms it was a co-ed tho all room mate were same sex just guys and gals on the same floor but what made me bad was i snik in to to lundry pee on ladies panties then put them back i was a bad bad boy but so ture on noing the were wearing panties i peed in

I am new here, but your story rings so true to me. My husband wets my panties too, sometimes he is wearing them, sometimes I am. He also wears panties, and there is nothing I like better than stradling him and wetting my panties and his while rubbing together. hehe, He likes it too :)

hi yes my bf wears my panties and he loos so sexy in them, especially wheh he gets them wet. i love to wet mine in front of him. it is so sexy and orgasmic

You are a VERY NAUGHTY boy!<br />
<br />
My husband is not allowed to wet my panties unless I'm wearing them.