How Many Panties Can You Wet?

Ok, this is a game I shared with a number of friends.  Basically, I would be visiting a friend at her house, we'd be in her bedroom. I'd ask her how many panties she owned.  Then bet her that if she put them all on and peed, she would not be able to wet through them all.  Usually my friends did not have a large amount of panties and they would win the bet.  hehehe, yeah, right.

For my part, I have learned several tricks that help.  I have everyday panties, both cotton and nylon.  Then I have a hugh drawer full of thick cotton briefs, that are like one size larger. I start out with regular panties, then add the larger panties, as they get bulkier.  If I plan to stay wet for a while I will then add a heavy duty incontinent type panty.  It doesn't really matter though.  After I've wet two or three times I'll be damp all the way through. 

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I am male and would love to play this game with you with you`re panties even.I would wet right through for sure.

I've read many of your stories. They're all very well written. How I'd like to find a woman who enjoys wetting so much, or be your neighbor.

I love the kind of bet you can't loose - this is perfect

Yes, it gets bulky. It can get quite uncomfortable, the leg bands and waistband can get very tight. I have a large selection of panties a size larger to prevent that.<br />
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How to deal with intruders, or family and friends. Run? I'm almost always in a skirt or dress so there would be no visible evidence. Even then the odor would be obvious. I have had to pull them off en-mass more than once. <br />
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Luckily we have almost 5 acres of woods and pasture, trails and a very nice back yard. Don't have to worry much about visitors finding us out there.

Eaudoux, <br><br />
It has been years since I knew another woman who liked to wet. I still play that game by myself. <br><br />
How often depends on several factors, the weather, my mood, and the situation in general.<br><br />
I don't want to ruin the furniture or carpets, so most wetting activities take place outdoors. One exception, we have a waterbed and can have fun there without ruining anything, extra sheets and so on. So that is where the weather comes into play.<br><br />
A typical day of playing this game would start first thing in the morning. I always need to pee as soon as I get up. After I've wet the panty I'm wearing, I'll add a couple cotton panties to keep from dripping while I fix breakfast. Soon, I'll need to go again, I don't wait till I'm desperate, I just let it go as soon as I can. Over the toilet, or outside if the weather permits. Then, more panties so I won't drip while doing some house work. That is how the day will go, wet, and add more panties. By the time I'm ready to take them off I may have a couple dozen well soaked panties on.<br><br />
As for my other stories, a couple days might go by where I stay dry, but never a whole week. I will be posting a new story soon. Took place today. I do hope this answers your question. If not, write me. ;-)

After all the years of hiding, and secrets, do you people have any idea how happy that makes me? Your comments, and thoughts, I really appreciate them.

Yes, it's been utterly freeing to be here over the past year and a bit, talking about all this for the first time.

I'll say for certain that if I could go back to being a kid again, I would play that game with anyone that would play ... especially the girls :-)

Rachael:<br />
A girl of my own heart! A well thought out plan! I've never dared to do something like that though.

I miss you a lot, it has been a couple years since we talked.

you got my point JLaRue, couldn't care less if I won the bet, besides, I would always play along :)

Mmmmm -- I like that game ... And we know who the real wiiner is ... ;-)