Hose And Heels

I ware pantyhose and heels most every minute i am at home, I wish i would be brave enough to go out in public.
ammilnet ammilnet
8 Responses Jan 20, 2013

I woul love it if you were to add me as a friend please sweet sissy gurl. Muah!

Me too I just luv wearing them and walking around the house gets me so horny wish I had someone here...

I so much understnd you girl, so do I.
Love your honesty

Baby- Love open toe Heels with stockings. When I get the chance to polish my toenails its Heaven. Your Avatar here looks so good, great legs.

It took some time for me to go out public but you will

Right there with you.

Still it is very satisfying to do it in the secure environment of your home. If you lived in California or other more accepting states it would be very safe but in the midwest not so much.

I love wearig pantyhose myself feeling really sexy